Incidents & arrests.3-27-21

Americus Fire & Emergency Services

(March 23-26)

  • Firefighters responded to 16 calls for medical assistance.
  • Firefighters responded to U.S. Highway 19 South  as automatic aid top a report of a structure fire. Sumter County Fire & Rescue said they were no longer needed.
  • Firefighters responded to Murphy Mill Road to a report of a vehicle fire. The owner had extinguished the fire which appeared to have started in the engine compartment at the electrical connection by fan at radiator.
  • Firefighters responded to Hale Drive to a report of wires down. They found an AT&T cable down in a yard and advised Central to notify AT&T.
  • Firefighters responded to  a traffic accident on Douglas Circle. 
  • Firefighters responded to a carbon monoxide alarm on Peggyanne Drive. Upon investigation, they had Central notify the gas department to come investigate. They did and found a leak. The gas was turned off.
  • Firefighters responded to an alarm on West Forsyth Street. It was a false alarm; someone had pulled the alarm on the third floor.

Americus Police Department


  • Jarvis Antwan Dariso, 26, of 211 Poplar St., Americus; probation violation and failure to appear in court for a finger printable charge; jailed. (3-24-21)
  • Dantrell Devonta Jordan, 26, of 542 S. Hampton St., Americus; possession of Schedule I or II controlled substances with intent to distribute, possession/purchase/manufacture.distribution or sale of marijuana, and possession of cocaine; jailed. (3-23-21)
  • Louis Marees Hurley, 42, of 192 Forest Park Road, Americus; contempt of court; jailed. (3-24-21)
  • Dorian D. McCants, 24, 316 Richardson St., Oglethorpe; misdemeanor simple battery against a person 65 years of age or older or who is pregnant; jailed. (3-25-21)
  • Cornelius Offord, 18, of 1701 Maxwell St., Americus; criminal trespass; jailed. (3-25-21)
  • Jamie Jermaine Wallace, 42, of 103-A Norman Cole St., Americus; possession of cocaine with intent to distribute; jailed. (3-23-2

Ellaville Police Department


  • Edna Yvonne Goff, 46, of 206 Perry St., Buena Vista; holding for Ellaville Police. (3-25-21)

Georgia State Patrol Post 10, Americus


  • Tracy Sean Lamar, 49, of 125 Sylvan Drive, Americus; failure to obey stop sign, DUI, and open container; released on bond. (3-25-21)

Sumter County Sheriff’s Office


  • James David Butler, 53, of Albany; felony failure to appear in court for finger printable charge; jailed. (3-23-21)
  • Belinda Ann Chambless, 42, of 503 Winder St., Andersonville; probation violation; jailed. (3-25-21)
  • Charles Randall Harbuck, 36, of 830 Bridges Store Road, Ellaville; aggravated stalking; jailed. (3-25-21)
  • Antavious Antrell Lockhart, 19, of Warner Robins; felony probation violation; jailed. (3-24-21)
  • Davonte Manguel Monts, 23, of 724 Pine Ave., Americus; probation violation; jailed. (3-25-21)
  • Andrea Baylee Muse, 22, of Cordele; second-degree criminal damage to property and felony first-degree burglary; jailed. ( 3-25-21)
  • Davin Scott Rees, 24, of 159 Taylor St., Leslie; probation violation; jailed. (3-25-21)
  • Janie Lyles Richardson, 60, of 911 North Ave., Americus; speeding (70 mph in a 45 zone), misdemeanor possession of marijuana, and simple battery; jailed. (3-23-21)James Frederick Smith, 60, of 128-B Academy St., Americus; felony probation violation; jailed. (3-26-21)
  • Carlton Bernard Tyner, 50, of Albany; felony probation violation and child support civil contempt of court; jailed. (3-24-21)
  • Timothy Sentell Wallace, 24, of 248 W. Lester St., Americus; possession of cocaine with intent to distribute and misdemeanor possession of marijuana, and simple battery; jailed. (3-23-21)


  • Christian J. Zipperer, 25, of 4117 Green Road, Ellaville; expired or no driver’s license. (3-23-21)